Tied Together is a Co-Op Platformer That Will Make Your Friends Hate You

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If you thought playing Overcooked with your family on Thanksgiving was stressful, allow me to introduce you to your new hell.

Tied Together, the newest title from Dutch developer Napalmtree, is a cooperative platformer designed to keep you and your friends close. Literally, that is, as you and your fellow players will be tied together in the game.

Announced exclusively for the Nintendo Switch, Tied Together contains all of the trappings of your standard platformer. Players will have to avoid obstacles, jump from one platform to another, and locate hidden keys around each stage. Of course, players will have to coordinate these actions in tandem with the one to three players they’re attached to.

In addition to these tried and true platforming tropes, Tied Together also seems to have a very dynamic physics system. From the gameplay shown in the trailer, each character appears to have their own distinct feeling of weight to them. This overarching sense of gravity, coupled with the game’s wind mechanics, balloons, and sharp objects hiding around every corner, seems to combine the fluidity of Super Mario Bros. with the calculated nature of a billiards game.

All in all, Tied Together looks to serve as a trust exercise just as much as it serves as a game. There’s no doubt that players will have to clearly communicate with one another about their upcoming movements and sort out strategies to avoid some of the game’s numerous lava pits or spiked surfaces. Whether or not you can remain friends afterward, well, that’s up to you.

You can check out the new teaser trailer for Tied Together below. While the game’s publisher Headup Games has not announced a release date, the trailer states that the game is coming soon

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