Neko Tomo for Nintendo Switch and 3DS Announced; Is the Most Adorable Thing You’ll See Today

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Today Bandai Namco officially announced Neko Tomo for Nintendo Switch and 3DS.

The game prompts the player to befriend absolutely adorable kittens in the same vein of the previous game of the same series, Kuma Tomo for 3DS. If the Japanese name doesn’t ring a bell, it was localized on the west as Teddy Together. 

As mentioned above, the game will release in Japan exclusively for Nintendo Switch and 3DS, with pricing and release date to be determined and announced at a later date..

At the moment we don’t have any information if a “Kitten Together” (or whatever they will call it) will ever come west with a localization, but for now, you can watch two trailers showing gameplay released to accompany the announcement.

I’ll give you a fair warning. They’re adorable. If you watch them, be prepared to think about kittens all day, and that can be distracting.

Now, Nintendo, where’s that Nintendogs? I’m asking for my little cousin, obviously.

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