Dragon Quest XI: Square Enix Reveals Which Scenes Will Be Voiced in English; Recording Is Already Done

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We recently learned that Square Enix will add English voice acting to Dragon Quest XI for PS4 and PC (and presumably to the Switch version coming sometime down the line), but the announcement was rather lean on what scenes would receive the treatment.

To shed more light on the extent of the voice acting, we asked Producer Hokuto Okamoto during an interview at PAX East.

Okamoto-san explained through a translator that all the cinematics, cutscenes, as well as the battle scenes, will be voiced. On top of that, the game also includes “party dialog” scenes, but only “a portion” of those will have voice acting added.

On top of that, we also learn that Square Enix has already completed the recording of the voice track.

Okamoto-san then explained that the reason why the Japanese version did not have voice acting is that the scenario by Yuji Horii and the script of the game were very important for the team, which is why a lot of time went into improving their quality until the last minute. At that point, there was no time left to record the voices.

On the other hand, for the western version the script was already finished and in high quality, so providing voice acting was possible, but that wasn’t the only reason. The world of Dragon Quest XI is a really vast continent, and each area has its own regional flavor. By adding voice acting, it’s possible to improve that flavor further by giving each region a different accent. This creates additional depth and context for each area the player will visit, which is why the team really wanted to include voice acting in the western version.

Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age will launch on PS4 and PC via Steam on September 4. The PS4 version of the game can already be pre-ordered on Amazon. A Switch version will also come down the line, but it will take a while. We also learned that the game won’t involve any censorship.

[on-location reporting: Jordan Boyd]

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