Neko Atsume Creators’ New Game Tabikaeru – Journey Frog Available Now

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Maybe you’re allergic to cats. Maybe you wish you could have more cats in your life. Or perhaps you just worship cats in every facet of your life. If any of these apply to you then you may have heard of the “pawsome” Neko Atsume, a game where you provide treats and toys for cats in the hopes of collecting more. Now, the creators of that game — Hit-Point — have made another low-stress collecting game, Tabikaeru – Journey Frog, only this time features an adventurous amphibian

You can check out some screenshots from the game below.

Complete with a similar art style, Tabikaeru – Journey Frog sees players collecting supplies for your frog’s trip to various Japenese locations. Players collect clovers as currency and good-luck charms and then use them to purchase food and gear so that his excursions go well.

Similar to its cat-like predecessor, the game is one of the most relaxed mobile games you’ll find in terms of timing; that is, you don’t need to spend energy or grind daily activities, or constantly check your phone. Your frog is on a long trek and instead of it completing overnight, the frog will send you updates: pictures from his travels.

Tabikaeru – Journey Frog is currently only available in Japanese, though you can still download it for free from the iOS and Android app stores if you search ” 旅かえる.” You can read about Neko Atsume‘s VR mode here.

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