Persona 5 Anime Finally Reveals the Hero’s Official Name; Gets New Trailer

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During a dedicated livestream, more information was provided about the new anime series dedicated to Atlus’ popular JRPG Persona 5.

First of all, we hear the official name that the hero will have in the anime. It’s Ren Amamiya (written 福山 潤). In the game, the hero has no official name, and each player sets his own. This is the same as Persona 4 and it’s anime series, in which the protagonist received the name Yu Narukami for the first time. The same name was then used for spin-off games like Persona 4: Arena.

The series will simply be titled Persona 5: The Animation and will air in Japan in April 2018. You can see the first trailer below courtesy of DailyMotion user Susan Beckerman. The official version is also embedded at the bottom, but it’s blocked outside of Japan.

If you want to learn more about Persona 5, you can read our review. The game shipped over two million copies worldwide and won a User’s Choice PlayStation Award for two years in a row, which is quite unique. You can also check out what our own readers thought about it.

The game’s Director Katsura Hashino went on to fund Atlus new team Studio Zero, with which he is working on a Catherine remaster titled Catherine: Full Body and a high-fantasy RPG codenamed Project Re FANTASY.

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