Plague Inc. Update Infects Mobile Platforms with Mad Cow Disease and New Game Modes

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There’s no chance of getting sick of Ndemic Creations’ title Plague Inc. with the number of updates they bring to their game. This next one is no different, offering a number of new ways to play.

In Mutation 15, players will receive the promised Mad Cow Disease, to gleefully infect the populace through their addiction to the beef industry. According to creator James Vaughan, this scenario was an interesting thought process to develop.

“Mad Cow Disease was a particularly intriguing scenario to put together, as we got to really think hard about what the world would look like if there was a re-emergence of the infamous 1990s outbreak. Although we naturally took the research and ran with it, so expect a few surprises as you figure out the best way to wipe out humanity via food!”

However, a new disease is not the only addition this new update will provide. A couple of new modes have been introduced. The first will ask how you should go about infecting the masses when almost everyone has mysteriously disappeared. It’s likely that fewer people around may prove challenging for a viral infection. The second mode gives humanity a boost in technology, unlocking commercial suborbital flight for every country, thus giving your plague an unhealthy boost.

Plague Inc. is currently available for iOS and Android devices. The Mutation 15 Update is currently available on iOS devices, and will come to Android “very soon.” An enhanced version of the game, titled Plague Inc.: Evolved, is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. For more information on Plague Inc.Plague Inc.: Evolved, or Plague Inc.: The Board Game, you can visit Ndemic Creations’ website.

Last month, Ndemic Creations announced that the game had surpassed 100 million players across all of its available platforms, giving players the chance to infect over 13.5 quintillion people.

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